We are very pleased to be involved in projects that poses great benefit to our society and the country as a whole.  And here the list of the completed objects was replenished with one more completed object - stadium in Vyshneve.

We had a task to develop and implement an outdoor stadium lighting project.  It was necessary to calculate correctly the location of lighting points, their height.  In our work we were guided by the State Sanitary Rules and Norms of lighting of open sports grounds, as well as particleboard.

This approach allows to ensure the necessary regulatory visibility on the field, a good view from the stands, to avoid blinding players and spectators.  In addition to accurate calculations to achieve this goal, it is important to choose the right equipment, taking into account the project budget.

For its implementation we used:

  • STOLB lighting masts.  In this case, the height of the standard supports was not enough to accommodate the lamps.  Masts of our own production allowed to provide rather high position, resistance to wind loading;
  • Ledvance luminaires.  It is a world-renowned manufacturer that manufactures and supplies lighting equipment for a variety of lighting systems, from conventional household to complex intelligent systems.

The whole project was carried out "turnkey".  What did it give our customer?

  •  Guarantee that the project will be implemented as accurately as possible;
  •  Save time;
  •  There is no need to look for subcontractors to perform certain stages of work;
  •  Save money.

Such projects for us are an opportunity to promote sports, an active lifestyle.  In addition, we show that today the Ukrainian market of lighting equipment is able to offer competitive equipment for lighting of various scales.  

We are proud to be the first to offer modern high-tech solutions adapted to the standards of our country.