Cities, streets, boulevards are extremely beautiful at night, but especially - bridges. This is due to the lanterns, which glow like beads, outline the contours of the structure. But any equipment needs to be replaced. And it's not just a technical malfunction, but also obsolescence. We had to join in solving the problem of such an update.

Pros of new technologies for budget and security

When it came to replacing the lights on the Vaclav Havel Bridge and the tram station, there was no doubt that you need to take LED models.

Authorities have already managed to assess the important benefits for them:

  • Significant savings from the city budget for lighting;
  • Fast payback of renewal, which follows from the previous paragraph;
  • Aesthetic appearance of new lamps;
  • Ability to control the light level depending on the time of day, current needs. This is a step towards smart technologies in urban infrastructure;
  • Good level of illumination and increase of safety of citizens in the dark period of the day.

Implementing the project on the bridge, the engineers decided to install Schreder Teceo luminaires.

Conversion of costs into an asset

That is why we, as experts, would like to present selected lamps. The Schreder Company is widely represented in our range. We are happy to offer their products, because we have seen its quality in practice more than once.

The design of the chosen model also deserves attention. Architects harmoniously inscribed its shape in the overall landscape. At night, the lights look spectacular and give the necessary level of illumination that is required for roads of such congestion.

Despite the fact that Schreder Teceo seem to be quite an expensive solution, they are quite a profitable choice:

  • Suitable for repair. In the event of failure of the electronic unit or LED module, they are easy to replace. At the same time the specialist of a narrow profile is not required - the regular electrician of the municipal enterprise will cope;
  • Have a high energy efficiency class. Their savings are noticeable in the first months of operation;
  • Durable and reliable. In addition to the manufacturer’s warranty (minimum 3 years), we can confirm that they are one of the strongest and most resistant to damage and impact.

Thanks to close ties with suppliers, we have been able to provide Schreder teceo luminaires at an affordable price and with a manufacturer's warranty. Although our role in this project is not so great, it is another confirmation that our proposals are considered the best. For us, this is an incentive to grow, develop, and promote advanced and economic technologies in the country's market. This saves money and makes our country even more beautiful.