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Standalone outdoor lighting kit on SLP 6M-40/400-EKO solar battery

Article SLP 6M-40_400-EKO
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Standalone outdoor lighting kit on SLP 6M-40/400-EKO solar battery

Solar lighting pole with SLP 6M-40/400-EKO LED module - works without mains power. The system is autonomous and receives full energy from unrestricted solar energy and is environmentally friendly. Autonomous lighting system kit consists of:

  • pole;
  • headrest (bracket for mounting the lamp);
  • anchorage device for mounting the support;
  • photovoltaic panels with mounting on a support;
  • LED module;
  • smart controller that combines battery and lamp driver functions;
  • gel battery;
  • anti-vandal, sealed box for mounting the battery in the ground.

During the day, the solar panel, when the sun is shining, generates electricity and stores it in the battery. At night or in cloudy and rainy days, the controller can use the sensors to calculate the daylight and automatically turn on the light.

Solar lamps powered by energy from sunlight constitute a wonderful alternative to classic street lighting, especially in places far from infrastructure where it is not economical to provide electrical power. Every solar lamp is independent and ready to work immediately after installation. The installation of solar lamps is fast and easy. It does not require complicated project documentation or consultation with the local power provider.
Solar lighting is used worldwide. It is a kind of innovative and energy saving lighting product which uses high power LED lights and are powered by a set of photovoltaic panels. The generated light does not contain UV, infra-red, heat or radiation. Our street lamps are a form of "green" environmentally friendly sources of light which provide energy saving.

Characteristics of SLP 6M-40/400-EKO

Solar panel

Power: 2 x 200 W = 400 W                                                                                                          Panel type: single crystal, tempered glass 3.2 mm thick, coated, absorbing solar radiation, panels tested in accordance with IEC 61215 for snow loads up to 5400 Pa (approx. 5.4 kN/m2) and IEC 61730. Certificates available: ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001, ISO 2859-1

LED module Power: 40W
Operating voltage: DC 24V
LED life: >50,000 hours
Degree of protection: IP66
Luminous flux: >4400 lm
Operating temperature: -30 ℃ .. +60 ℃ Weight: 4 kg Adjustable when mounting, mounting angle of the luminaire and rotatable around the support axis by 360° regardless of the direction and angle of installation of the solar panels
Controller MPPT 20A - 24V                                                                                                              Protection rating: IP68                                                                                                              Weight: 1 kg                                                                                                                              The switch-on time is determined by an integrated dusk sensor (light sensor). Included is an infrared remote control for programming and controlling the lamp (smoke). The MPPT controller, unlike PWM, allows the most efficient use of all the power of the solar panel (by tracking the maximum power generated by the solar panel) and the stages of the battery charge (charge, saturation, equalization, charge support) and on this basis determines what current must be fed into the batteries.
Battery 2 x 120AH 12V - NPG Gel Battery Specialized for Solar Powered Equipment, Fully Sealed, Has Full Deep Discharge Cycle, No Maintenance                                                              Weight 2 x 30 kg = 60 kg
Battery box PVC material                                                                                                                      Weight: 3 kg                                                                                                                                Designed to be installed underground, avoiding high summer temperatures or too cold winter temperatures. It is vandal-resistant and waterproof. Able to dissipate heat from the battery. Included is a PVC pipe with a system for forced recirculation of crankcase gases for cables.
Support and bracket

Height: 6 m                                                                                                                        Luminaire installation height: 5.2 m                                                                                              Conical reinforced support, made in accordance with EN 40-5: 2002 and EN 40-2. Corrosion protection - hot dip galvanizing according to EN ISO 1461. Vehicle impact resistance: class "0" in accordance with EN 12767. Certificates of resistance in accordance with EN 40-3-1, safety class "B", class "2" . The calculation of the support is made for the II category of terrain and the pressure of the wind speed of 300 Pa (depending on the place of installation we perform the calculation of endurance in accordance with the wind district of Ukraine and the terrain category)

Anchor device  F160-V43 M30
Work time 8-10 hours a day (with full power of the LED module), the battery capacity is designed for up to 4 full cloudy, rainy and windy days.
Installation guidelines This set is suitable for areas with an average annual peak solar power of 4 ~ 3.5 hours per day
Certificates A Ukrainian Certificate of Compliance is available. Scope:
– ДСТУ EN 55015:2014
– ДСТУ EN 61000-3-3:2014
– ДСТУ EN 60335-1:2015
Producer country of support Poland
Additional features

Possibility of forming the support with powder paint according to the RAL palette

Supplied with Bluetooth interface with software for programming and remote control of the fixture

The system configuration may be changed depending on the client or project requirements

Additional information by phone or e-mail. Depending on the quantity, additional discounts are possible.

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Title Standalone outdoor lighting kit on SLP 6M-40/400-EKO solar battery
Power, LED 40 W
Type of solar panel Monocrystalline
Solar panel power 2 х 200 W
Type of controller MPPT
Battery 2 х 120 AH 12 V
Height 6
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