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LED Smart Park Lighting Stolb Park CUT-3M

Article CUT3M/S/30/830
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Park LED Smart lighting Stolb Park CUT-M

Smart Stolb Park CUT-M is a complex solution that combines park lighting support with a built-in LED module and the ability to integrate additional SMART modules:

  • Lighting driver programming (dimming schedule to save electricity) with the ability to exit this mode via the motion sensor (included in the basic configuration SMART CUT-M);
  • Motion and light sensors (included with SMART CUT-M);
  • USB ports for charging mobile gadgets (optional);
  • Wi-Fi module (optional);
  • Air quality analysis sensors (optional);
  • Camcorders (optional);
  • Speakers (optional).
  • This will allow not only to illuminate the area, but thanks to smart modules to create a safe and comfortable space.

The Smart Stolb Park CUT-M series as well as the Stolb Park CUT-M series is variable and allows you to choose the power of the LED module depending on the task or lighting calculation. But unlike the latter, the Smart series allows you to integrate a variety of "smart" features into the lighting system. By default, each Smart stand has an intelligent Philips Xitanium driver and motion and light sensors that allow you to program this lamp.

Lighting example

The light source is an LED module based on high-quality Philips LED components, which guarantees stable operation of the LED light module for 5 years. The power source for this system is the Philips driver, which has the best value for money on the market. This combination allows you to qualitatively, reliably and stylishly illuminate any area (see Fig. 1).

Fig. 1 - Example of pedestrian path lighting with CUT-4М support. Parameters:

- height of supports: 4 m;

- distance between supports: 15 m;

- sidewalk width 3 m.

Functionality of the lighting system

Programmed dimming

By default, each support equipped with an intelligent Philips Xitanium driver and a sensor (motion and light) system. The intelligent driver from Philips allows you to program the dimming profiles, what is mean to create a diagram of the light brightness in accordance to the time of day (see Fig. 1), which aims to save electricity by reducing light flux during the night.

Fig.1 - Schedule of dimming 100% -70% -50% -70%


How does it work?

The system is switched on by a signal from the light sensor, after that during the period of the lamp operation there is a decrease in power depending on the time of day and its subsequent turning off the onset of dawn.

In most cases, it is necessary to adapt the profile during the year, based on the calculation of the average duration of previous inclusion periods. This data is used to estimate the current time, which is taken as a virtual clock. Usually, the time of turning on and off the lights is associated with sunrise and sunset. During the year, this time changes smoothly. Dynadimmer calculates the average duration of the driver for five of each previous "stable" night. Such nights mean periods of the on state lasting not less than 4 hours with a spread of not more than 1 hour. After installing Dynadimmer dimmers, it takes three stable nights to determine the virtual clock. In this phase of synchronization the light is not regulated.

Depending on the geographical location, the LED lighting system at sunset and sunrise is not always symmetrically located relative to the north. Simply put, in different cities the sunset and sunrise at different times. The program allows you to determine the required time offset for a given area, indicating its coordinates.

Short voltage interruptions are perceived by the program in such a way that they are not taken into account when calculating the average duration of the lamps. The duration of only stable nights is taken into account.

In the event that a person appears in the park or on the street, a motion sensor will work, which will smoothly remove the lamp from the dimming mode (increase the power to 100%) for comfortable lighting of the area in front of the person. It is also possible to connect several supports (groups) to one motion sensor in order to illuminate the probable direction of human movement in the park or street.


Wi-Fi module

The Internet provides a comfortable being on the street, in the park, in a public square, but in places where there are problems with it, the LED Smart lamp Stolb Park CUT will provide Wi-Fi coverage thanks to the modem. This modem, depending on how you access the Internet, can have two configurations:

  • 3G / 4G Wi-Fi modem that receives the Internet from the 3G / 4G network (tariff package is not included) and distributes it over the Wi-Fi network.
  • A Wi-Fi modem that accesses a network with a twisted pair or optical cable and distributes it over a Wi-Fi network.


USB charger

Placing the Stolb Park CUT Smart Lamp in the park or directly near the recreation area (park benches or picnic areas) allows it to be used as a module for charging mobile phones and tablets thanks to USB sockets placed on it (2 ports of 5V and 2.1A per port) . The phone is placed on a special platform located at a height of 1 m from the ground or a special holder (see Fig. 2).

Fig. 2 - Mobile phone holder for lighting support



Security in public spaces (parks, squares, streets) is an integral part of our lives. Therefore, the complete set of this lighting support with a street IP video camera will ensure safety in public places, and due to the strong design of the support Stolb Park CUT, the image quality will not suffer from its own oscillations in strong winds or vibrations caused by the roadway.

  • Full HD resolution (1980 x 1080p);
  • Image optimization (contrast, night vision, high brightness);
  • Optimized data management (selective / delayed data transfer, integrated data storage (SD card slot));
  • Launch event:
    • motion detection;
    • video analytics;
    • unauthorized actions.



Public squares or parks and squares require loudspeaker systems, for example, to broadcast background music, local radio, broadcast messages or advertisements (commercial or social). The Stolb Park SE system allows you to combine this by placing a loudspeaker in the support of the speaker for audio content.

  • 100 V speakerphone system;
  • Frequency range: 100 - 18,000 Hz;
  • Output power 20 W;
  • Weatherproof / adapted for outdoor and indoor use;


Monitoring station of air quality

The air quality monitor is becoming an integral part of the lives of metropolis. Therefore, the Smart Stolb Park SE series of park luminaires allows installing an air quality monitoring system in it, which will allow better control of the air condition in the city.

  • fixing the concentration of CO2 and PM 2.5 and 10 particles;
  • temperature and air humidity.


Height 3000/3500/4000/4500/5000 мм
Profile 100х100 мм
Profile wall thickness 3 mm
Mounting plate thickness 10 mm
Power LED module 20/30/40/50/60 W
Number LED 12
CRI and color temperature >70 for 4000K / >70 for 3000K
Nominal luminous flux 3400 - 6900 Lm
Residual luminous flux 100,000 h; 80%
Optics T2, T3, T4 (default T3)
Rated voltage power 220 - 240 V; 50 - 60 Hz
Power factor >0.95
Dimming (DALI /1-10V) Yes
Lamp driver programming Standard schedule 100% -70% -50% -70% for street lighting
Motion and light sensor Yes
Wi-Fi Module As an additional option
USB charger As an additional option
Camcorders As an additional option
Loudspeakers As an additional option
Air quality monitoring station As an additional option
Degree of protection  

Optical module



Electrical safety class I
Weight 48-68 kg
Construction materials  




Color Powder coating, color: Living coral; (any other color according to the RAL palette - under the request without changing the cost)
Corrosion protection Zinc-containing primer, gas-thermal spraying of zinc at a height of 0.25 m from the support flange in accordance with EN 40-5: 2002
Operating temperature range - 35 °C ... +55 °C
Application Pedestrian areas, bicycle paths, parks, squares, alleys
Warranty period 2 years
Country of origin Ukraine
Delivery kit

- light support with integrated LED module with optics, programmed by Philips Xitanium driver with; motion light sensor;

- input shield TV-1 with fuse 10A;

- anchor device ZST-80 (for supports 3 and 4 m high) and ZST-100 (for supports 5 and 6 m high);

- other modules (optional).

Public Square Lighting Visualization

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