Smart Stolb Park SE is a combination of "smart" lighting technologies, rational use of electricity and space, modern design for parks and pedestrian areas. Modern progressive society needs a safe living environment, a reasonable attitude to energy, resources, space. We are ready to offer it today in our products.

Smart Stolb Park SE-3

Our Smart Stolb Park SE park luminaires from the "smart" series are an opportunity to receive world-class quality and a modern, expressive design from a domestic manufacturer. Such devices will not only provide lighting, but also complement the landscape.

But what makes Stolb Park SE one of the best representatives of the "Smart" series among domestic products?

  • Use of components from the best manufacturers. The LED unit and the controllers is from Philips. This combination allows you to offer lamps with high stability, which does not overestimate their cost and provides a service life of the LED for a period of 5 years;
  • The right approach to the choice of material and shape of the section. The wall of the profile is 3 mm steel. This thickness is enough to provide the desired strength, resistance to wind and vibration. But at the same time there is no overuse of material, there is no unreasonable increase in cost, there are no difficulties with installation and delivery due to rather small weight;
  • Intelligent dimming system that allows you to adjust the lighting depending on the time of day. For example, after midnight, you can set only half the power to reduce energy consumption and lamp life. The DIMM module also allows you to take into account seasonal changes in the length of daylight;
  • Motion sensors that can detect the appearance of a pedestrian or cyclist during periods of low light, and raise the brightness to maximum until he leaves the area of ​​the lamp.

You adjust the height, power of the LED unit, light temperature in accordance with the wishes and requirements of the design documentation. Painting is carried out with powder paint of any shade of your choice from the RAL palette.

Smart Stolb Park SE-3

Smart Stolb Park SE-3

But Smart Stolb Park SE is more than park lights.

At your request, we can equip them with one or more additional modules:

  • Wireless internet access point (Wi-Fi). You can connect the router both by Ethernet connection and through the mobile network operator;
  • Electric vehicle charge recovery base. The need for such items is growing rapidly in large cities and is gradually spreading across the country;
  • Loudspeakers, which make your area an additional advertising platform for audio advertising, allow you to set the mood for visitors;
  • Video cameras that will significantly raise the level of security in the park, in the pedestrian zone, the territory of the institution;
  • Charging connectors and stands for mobile devices: smartphones, tablets;
  • Air pollution level sensor.

You decide what your Smart Stolb Park SE will be able to do and pay only for the necessary functions.