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The organization of video monitoring (CCTV) is an effective way to ensure security at any facility. The high functionality of modern equipment allows you to "see" the territory under the protection in real time mode, detect and recognize faces, vehicles and other objects, store large amounts of data, get high quality images, including those captured at night. Outdoor CCTV cameras are installed on roads and intersections, along the perimeter of industrial areas, in the yards of residential quarters, near supermarkets, banks, educational and other institutions. Auxiliary equipment is used for their installation. Poles for CCTV cameras allow you to fasten securely the devices at the required height.

Features of the installation of CCTV cameras on the poles

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Surveillance cameras are pretty compact devices with low weight. For their installation there's no need to apply massive concrete pillars. Setting the videocamera onto the support can be carried out in several options. 

  • on existing and already mounted lighting poles or simultaneously when installing lighting: lighting fixtures are usually installed wherever necessary the organization of video monitoring. In this case, only brackets and other bracing will be needed. Street pillars are mostly sizable in height. And this means that surveillance cameras can be situated in such a position to provide the required viewing angle;
  • on special poles for cameras: made of  various materials and installed anywhere the monitoring supposed to be;
  • on special brackets and holders, that attached to the walls of structures and buildings.

Involving specialists to the processes of design and installation of video surveillance systems will significantly save your costs.

The main types and characteristics of poles for outdoor video surveillance cameras

опори для камер

The choice of supports for CCTV cameras depends on the number and type of equipment, on what territory should be covered. In the online store Stolb you can buy the following types of poles: 

made of steel that is coated with the layer of zinc to give the material the resistance property against the corrossion. In production the hot dip galvanizing is most often used. Thanks to this the product is completely covered with the protective layer that plays a shield role when it also comes to the mechanical damages. The benefit of galvanized poles is pretty light weight and affordable price.

pillars made of this material don't require the additional processing as they are not sensitive to the corrosion. In addition, they're light and don't demand the particular equipment while installation. Aluminium poles exists in different height versions, that is why you will not find it difficult to pick up the suitable lighting equipment. The price of the tubular supports depend on their sizes.  

​​​​​​​Ideal for establishing of surveillance cameras, as they are equipped with a special mechanism to tilt them. Operation of such fixtures has a number of advantages. CCTVs has to be maintained. If they are placed very high, then the additonal facilities has to be used every time, including the lifting ones. If the supports could move into a sloping positions, then it will not be hard to get to the devices - just tilt the pole. You do not have to exert much physical effort and spend a lot of time. In addition, such poles have a protected electrical part that only opens when the pole is moved down;

​​​​​​​made of polymeric materials that are reinforced with various fillers. This gives them strength and solidity. They are impervious to corrosion, to aggressive substances impacts and ultraviolet radiation. Supports for videocameras made of composite materials have a small  weight, which makes them easier to transport and has dielectric properties. They can be made of any types and sizes, including the decorative ones.  In our online store you can buy supports of this type with additional capabilities: with access to Wi-Fi hotspots, inductive charging, radio communication between supports and more. All these features grant such supports with the extra benefits while mounting of modern CCTVs. 

The assortment of pillars for the installation of CCTV cameras is quite numerous. You have the opportunity to select the metallic poles/columns or other products made of composite materials on the assumption of assigned task. 

What has to be considered when buying aluminum poles for CCTV cameras?

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The process of organizing CCTVs at various sites has its differences. In today's market a large quantity of various equipment is represented, which may vary in functionality, price, installation features and other characteristics. For maximum effiency of the monitoring system, there's a need to mount it correctly. When buying pillars for the surveillance cameras, you must take into account the next details:  

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  • presence or absence of lighting: if, along with video surveillance, it is necessary to organize or update the lighting of the territory, then obviously you should find such supports, on which both cameras and luminaires can be fixed at once. This will help cut costs by half or even more;
  • the height of the poles and the repeatability of their location should be chosen depending on the properties of the cameras — whether they can cover a certain territory;
  • the choice of material of the pillars are dependent on the financial capabilities of the purchaser, the features of the video surveillance equipment, the conditions of their use. Metallic and composite supports have a long service life, so even their fairly high cost pays back;
  • videocameras mounting features: you can select different brackets and other attachments in our catalogue.


You can order the design of security systems and video surveillance if needed. We will help you to find the most optimal options to resolute the issue, depending on the set goals.

The managers of the STOLB street light online store will help you with assistance and recommendations to quickly and efficiently choose exactly what you want!

At your service we offer certified products from the greatest domestic and world manufacturers with the fastest delivery, a broad catalogue and quality guarantee of each item!

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