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One of the most principal components of the infrastructure of any city, town or settlement is street lighting. Indeed, it guarantees the safe movement of both pedestrians on sidewalks, parks, squares and other publicly available places, as well as drivers on the carriageway in the dark time. Lighting lines, in particular, provide a more comfortable use of various objects in the evening and at night, such as parking lots, underpasses, tunnels etc. In addition, with their use both park areas and the territories of country houses can be dramatically transformed. Consequently, if you have a need to perform a qualitative installation of street lamps, then an indispensable assistant in this matter will be the company Stolb. Our specialists are ready to do a full complex of work related to the design, electrical installation and automation of street lighting. Among the services we provide are the following:

  • outdoor and indoor design of street lighting according to the State building codes of Ukraine;
  • supply of materials for street lighting;
  • electrical installation works of the lighting system;
  • automation of outdoor lighting operation control systems.

Our masters implement projects of different complexity level. Therefore, if you need to accomplish the installation of outdoor lighting on a separate street or to carry out the electrical installation of street lamps along the highway, cooperation with us will lead to the excellent results.

The main stages of the installation of electric lighting

The first and very important stage in the implementation of the project (directly installation) of street lighting is designing, during which a whole complex of calculations and works is to be performed. Fulfilling this set of works flawlessly is only possible for true professionals, such as Stolb specialists. They project the lighting system with considering individual customer requirements. As a result, the client receives design and estimate documentation with the following data:

  • type, power and quantity of lamps, as well as their distribution (allocation) along the street lighting line;
  • height of lighting poles;
  • load on the line;
  • wire cross section.

The next step of installation work is the selection and supply of materials necessary for the execution of the project. At this stage, the company's specialists offer the client not only up-to-date technical means, but also high-quality materials and facilities, among which are the following:

Stolb.com.ua is the official representative of these manufacturers in Ukraine. On that account, contacting us, you don't have to worry about the quality of materials and equipment used during the electrical installation of street lighting. By purchasing these street luminaires and poles in Kyiv or any other city in Ukraine, you'll get the best lighting products and fixtures from renowned manufacturers at a moderate price. We offer lighting systems of the next types:

  • street lamps for special purposes;
  • decorative lamps for outdoor lighting;
  • LED lamps (lanterns) to illuminate various objects.

When giving preference to a particular model of equipment, you should take into account the peculiar properties of its placement: for illumination of the roadway, luminaires with a maximum light dispersion angle that won't "blind" car drivers are the most corresponding. And conversely, a lamp with a directional stream of light is best set up on pedestrian paths or public transport stops.

The next step - installation/mounting of street lighting. This process is carried out in the following sequence:

  • mounting of lighting poles;
  • installation of street lamps and their connection;
  • laying of reinforcing structures and connecting cables;
  • assembly of automatic lighting control system.

When implementing electrical installation of street lighting, our specialists bring to life only original ideas and solutions. In the process of performing such projects, they use modern-day LED lamps. Thanks to these lighting fixtures, you can not only emphasize the landscape of the infield, but also give expressiveness to the territory of the park, the central street of the city and any other areas of the settlement.

The main advantages of installing outdoor lighting

A well-executed street lighting project allows you to successfully solve the following tasks:

  • favorable illumination of any architectural structure: from a small monument in the park or square to the facade of a huge country house;
  • successfully emphasizing the natural beauty of green spaces planted near the house or along the street;
  • focus on the specific elements of the architectural object: not only by highlighting the front part of the building, but also embellishing the cornices, columns, etc.;
  • provide a steadfast feeling of safety on the roads for both pedestrians and drivers during their movement;
  • enabling residents of the locality to easily navigate in space;
  • guarantee psychological comfort to pedestrians in the dark;
  • assisting law enforcement officers in prevention of the crime. According to existing statistics, most atrocities occur in poorly lit sectors of the street. After all, exposing a criminal on a street with nice lighting is much easier;
  • helping in time to trace by an automatic electronic system for registering traffic rules the cases of their violation;
  • creation of favorable conditions for doing business and developing tourism.

By virtue of a properly designed and implemented street lighting system, parks and squares acquire not only a new, picturesque appearance, but also become secure. To bring to life the project of street lighting of any level of complexity, it is enough at first to contact our qualified specialists. It is their professional duty to ensure high-quality installation of street lighting, not only being guided by an individual approach to each client, but also using original branded equipment.