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Street LED luminaires have obtained a remerkable popularity in the recent years. This is not surprising as they have tonnes of advantages over other types. LED type of floodlights work thanks to the manifestation of the light waves. This refers to the innovative technologies, that is widely used all over the world. They are generally mounted in a solid and sturdy aluminum housing. With their help, streets, porches, playgrounds and other objects are effectively illuminated both indoors and outdoors. The exploitation of street LED lamps is ten times more beneficial than former analogues. And also their productive service life time is significantly longer.

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LED street lamps provide good visibility, reduce maintenance costs and help to increase the comfort of living in certain dimly lit areas. Now you can organize evening strolls with the children, walk the dogs and not be afraid to come back home late at night! With all of this, only a few months needed for the full pay-off of each LED streetlight.

Types of LED street lamps

Diode lamps, which are used primarily for outdoor applications, can be conditionally divided into several groups, depending on their purpose:

Консольные светодиодные светильники

Прожекторные светодиодные светильники

Парковые светодиодные светильники

Console-type LED street lights characterized by ease of application and versatility. They mostly are used in the private sector, parking lots, warehouses. Such LED lamps are placed on special elevations or poles. Due to the wide beam luminescence you would need much lesser number of street LED lamps of this kind for lighting a large territory.

Diode street searchlight are most often used to highlight specific objects, for example facades, billboards, construction sites. They are quite variable, can have different power and lighting distance. On the whole, picking up LED street searchlight is not a difficult task. You can always find an option that meet specific needs the best.

Park LED street lights can be divided into several subgroups depending on the application type. The most popular among them are ground and overhanging models. For illumination of large areas LED street lanterns or LED floodlights are most often used. The last-mentioned is placed on poles in order to cover the maximum possible space for lighting. Most often they are installed in the car parks or at the garage enrances.

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Street LED lighting in the form of lanterns is used in the area of residence of people. It is fixed on special supports or mounted at the level of tree branches of medium height. With a creative approach, you can create pretty exceptional compositions using this type of street luminaires.

Ground street LED lights are most frequently located on marked walkways and driveways. With their help, you can not only qualitatively illuminate the necessary objects, but also accentuate their non-standard shape. Such LED lighting device help best to navigate at night time or under the conditions of poor visibility. For example in case of rain, fog or snowfall there won't be any issues with the visibility of the objects around even at night.  

There is also one more gradation of LED street luminaires, which is based on their designation. These lighting devices are divided into four groups:

  • park;

  • functional;

  • architectural;

  • decorative.

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If you need to draw the attention of others to a particular advertising or promotional structure, or signboard, it is best to use decorative LED street lights. In order for the park or square to transform into a comfy recreation zone, where you want to walk in the quiet summer evenings in the company of your family and loved ones, you should use park lighting. Functional and architectural street LED lamps will secure your walking outside and help you quickly and efficiently navigate in space. It is objectively possible to raise the cost-effectiveness of servicing such lamps up to 70% annually when using them.

Top 5 Benefits of Using Outdoor LED Lighting

More and more modern enterprises and mindful owners involve LED-type devices to provide high-qualitative illumination.Besides a durable and productive work term, such LED street lights have a number of indisputable advantages. Among them, it's worth paying attention to the 5 most relevant:

  1. The most comfortable level of light, the absence of flickering and fading. This features is most successful for the installation of LED street lights along the roads. It significantly facilitates the car traffic and doesn't make additional burden for the eyes during the driving.
  2. Safety of using. Due to the fact that mercury and any other harmful substances in the composition of such lamps are absent, they are absolutely unscathed for the atmosphere and people.
  3. Maximum endurance. LED street lights are not exposed to normal physical wear and tear. The whole secret is in the composition of the materials that are used for their manufacture.  Owing to the absence of the glass in it, the luminaires are extremely hard to break or make any mechanical damage. A special form of diode lamps precludes the accumulation of dirt, bid waste products and various litter. Due to the peculiar design of the housing and the absolute protection of the device from environmental impacts, such lighting devices can be easily mounted, regardless of weather conditions. At the same time, the range of working capabilities of street LED lamps fluctuates in the maximum temperature limits from - 60 ° C to 40 ° C.
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  4. High cost-effectiveness. Using of LED lamps does not require additional maintenance. Installed once - and you can forget about this problem for a long time. Perhaps even for years. Over and above, they greatly reduce energy consumption, while creating twice as much lighting that other light sources. In this case, electric networks do not overload at all, and street LED lamps exceedingly quickly recoup the costs of their purchase and installation.
  5. Operability. The minimum operating lifetime of street LED devices working round-the-clock is 15 years. If they are turned on and function only at night period, then this indicator grow by another 10 years.

On the grounds of the advantages described above, street LED lamps, according to expert's predictions, will completely replace other types of lighting items in the near future. Although, the price of LED street lights is quite affordable for most customers!

3 Disadvantages of LED street luminaires

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LED lights also have minor flaws. Nonetheless, comparing to the advantages, they are very inconsiderable! These include:

  • sensitivity to abrupt changes in current in electrical networks;
  • high price of products, which in several times exceed the cost of traditional lighting elements;
  • the likelihood of shape changes due to continuous use.

Consequently, before buying LED street lamps, it is worth think through all the pros and cons of the oncoming purchase. In respect to their advantages, working capacity and periodic increase in the cost of electricity, the decision to make is not difficult.

The mechanism for selection the desired street LED lamp

In order to avoid disappointment and loss of the purchase of LED-lamp, it is necessary to be exacting to the very process of its choice. The key points that you should pay attention to during the purchase process are:

  • impermeability;
  • the power of the lighting fixture;
  • the color of its light.

So that the LED lamp serves you the longest, it is necessary to select it according to the impermeability class. Models for outdoor applications with protection degree at least 65IP. In order for your luminaire to spread the maximum amount of light, you better choose appliances with a power of 80 Lm/W.

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Based on the location of the luminaire, it is necessary to choose its color scheme. There are three types of color radiation of street LED lamps:

  • white (maximum light radiation, suitable for objects that require high visibility, such as underground ways and roads, areas around industrial and residential buildings. It gives out a light of a cold shade, which guarantees maximum visibility of objects);
  • daytime (good visibility, suitable for porches, billboards, signboards. This color is a compromise between warm and cold shades of colors. Such kind of street LED daylights provide excellent illumination for moderate distances);
  • warm (least bright, relevant for facades, parks, jogging and cycling paths. Such light is the most comfortable for the human eye).

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