We have already described all details about the intricacies of lighting poles installing in the articles before, but a visual demonstration is the most effective way to explain this process to anyone, even to a non-professional person. We have prepared a video that will help you to see all the installing stages and understand the features of each of them.

Preparatory work

It is based on the master plan that is the bases of developing project documentation and the lighting project itself. From the latter we get information about needed supports and its quantity. After that it is necessary to prepare a trench and to lay a cable.

Connection points

A hole for an anchor device is prepared in the places of supports installation by a special drill. A cable is laid from the trench to the future basement, which is laid in a double-sided corrugated pipe.

After that, a cement basement is formed - cement grade not lower than C 23-30 is used for the mortar. The upper part of the basement is formed by formwork. It remains only to wait for the hardening of the cement mixture.

The last step of preparation is to cover the basement with a bituminous-rubber compound to protect against moisture and destruction.

Installation process

The headband and the lamp are attached to the support; the cable from the lamp is laid inside to the entrance panel. In the same way cables from the base are got. Now the support itself is installed with the help of lifting equipment. It is fixed on the pins with nuts and washers. The process must be controlled by measuring equipment so that the structure can withstand regulatory loads.

When the installation is complete, the fuses are installed in the switchboard and the final stages of connection are performed. When all the work is completed, the voltage is applied and the lighting is checked.

Although, this process seems to be simple but it has a lot of subtleties and technological aspects. Everything matters: soil, height, material and weight of support, operating conditions. Entrust the installation to professionals - entrust lighting projects of any complexity to us!