The hashtag #what_is_ukraine has flown not only across the country, but also beyond its borders. He made it clear to the whole world that despite its difficulties and some unsolved issues, Ukraine is growing, developing and becoming more beautiful. We are proud to work in this country, which became one of the first manufacturers of smart lighting systems, developing and launching its own smart line of park and street lighting.

Each of our projects is another renewed corner of our country, a new item in all guides for foreign guests. Thanks to our equipment, participation of the STOLB team in unique author's projects and development of own decisions by our professionals, streets, squares, houses and monuments have an opportunity to shine in all their beauty even late in the evening. Moreover, in the evening, thanks to complexly designed street lighting systems, all buildings, territories, historical objects are transformed. They seem to dress in luxurious clothes of the play of light and shadow, find a new reading of their outlines.

We are proud to present our collection of implemented projects:

And each such object there is an opportunity to show everyone, #what_is_ukraine, to prove that we have our own production and a strong design base, and talented designers, and professionals who are able to implement any, even very complex project. Everyone leaves their mark on the countries map and we paint a new portrait of Ukraine with the help of light so that it shines all over the world.