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Park lights and street lanterns "Rosa" is the best choice for quality lighting of squares, parks, gardens, summer terraces and any other outdoor areas. They could be used at private houses and also for numerous establishments and organizations like cafes, restaurants and hotels. All these because such lighting combines in itself two functions at the one time: gives a pleasing soft light in the dark period of the day and becomes a successful accent of the landscape design. 

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Park luminaires Rosa exists on Ukrainian market for more than 15 years. The eponymous brand supplies lighting equipment for state enterprises, lighting of roads, parks and even administrative facilities. All Rosa streetlights are 100% EN standard compliant and own a CE declaration. It guarantees their durability, safety and uninterrupted operation. 

ROSA park luminaires used a variety of different optical system solutions:

  • classic LED luminaires (ATLANTIS LED, OS-11 LED, ELBA LED) use diffusers that's been made of high temperature polymethyl methacrylate (PMMA). This material provides a classic appearance of the lamp and lower level of blinding;
  • in addition to the standard lighting parameter "voltage", “Rosa” park luminaires can have a different shade of light: warm, cold, neutral. The color of illumination is responsible for creation a right atmosphere. Being a parameter, it is measured in Kelvins (K);
  • Rosa modern streetlights (MIRA LED, MIZAR LED, DROP LED) use systems of different configurations of the lenses: symmetrical and asymmetrical. This ensures efficient light dispersion;
  • absolutely all Rosa LED lamps are equipped with overvoltage protection (up to 15 impulses at 10 kV) and have modern uninterruptible power supplies Philips Xitanium and Osram 4DIM with a wide number of functions (current regulation, programmable profiles, maintaining light transmission);
  • Rosa park lighting has a DALI interface: it can connect to the autonomous controllers and complete control systems that limit the energy consumption. The correct control of the power allows to cut costs on the electricity up to 40-70%.

Thanks to the technical excellence and the big diversity of landscape gardening luminaires of this brand you can select an optimal option for any needs no matter if it is a lighting of private terrace or busy city road.

Rosa park luminaires: a tour of the range of lighting

All the variety of the Rosa lighting devices is divided into:

  • Street park lighting are the lanterns that are mounted on a pole and could be found on public roads, in parks and squares. Endowed with average power (up to 150 W) and compact size.
  • LED lamps for lighting parks and any other open spaces. Endowed with high power, working with modern technologies (light dispersion, automatic control).
  • Spotlights are one of the most powerful types of lighting. They guarantee directional luminous flux, thus they are suitable for enterprises, parking lots, public facilities.
  • Depending on the placement, the park lamp can be wall, hanging, recessed and ground. Rosa wall luminaires are mounted on the facade, often used as a decorative object. Hanging are fastened on a crossbeam or other pole. This is the best option for the local illumination.

Recessed landscape gardening lamps are what you need for borders, walls. On the road coating they are used to highlight markings. The last, ground variant, is fixed in the ground with the help of probes. Perfect for flower beds, lawns.

Choosing lighting correctly: “Rosa” landscape gardening lamps for different purposes

Having dealt with the main types of lamps of the eponymous brand, we define the basic selection criteria. So, to buy a park lamp, and to stay satisfied with the purchase, pay attention to:

  • Type of device (the most common are listed above). 
  • Lighting power (measured in W).
  • The color temperature (shade of the light).
  • The purpose of the lamp (decorative, classic backlighting, road markings and so on).
  • Convenience and exploitation in operation, period of work, warranty period of service.
  • The presence of the CE declaration.

 Also, a good street lamp must be resistant to external influences: moisture, heat, frost, ultraviolet, wind. This is ensured by the robust and air-tight housing. Otherwise, the product will be poorly tolerated to the weather changes, requiring dismantling for the winter.

Which park lights are better: LED Rosa or classic gas-discharge lamps

The main "competitor" of the conventional street lamps of gas-discharge type is a park LED lamp. The use of LED technology allows you to achieve lots of benefits, among which:

  • Cost-effectiveness (consume up to 40-50% less electricity than classic).
  • Using different settings to improve lighting, a wide range of options.
  • Possibility of built-in protection against overvoltage.

Rosa Park LED luminaires are suitable for daily illumination of the territory, ensuring a stable light stream. They are very multi-purpose and don't have any restrictions on use and installation. Classical gas-discharge, in turn, are cheaper and also cope very well with their basic functions. They are optimal for irregular lighting, for example, for a home garden or terrace, which is not in use every day. In other cases, their application would be too costly.

Streetlights and park lights "Rosa": summarizing

Installing lighting from the brand Rosa is really an excellent solution. Versatility, multifunctionality, profitability - these and many other advantages speak for themselves. Such lanterns/streetlights will be a great supplement to the landscape of your garden or flowerbed, an effective option for lighting of roads or public objects, a nice alternative to classic lanterns of budget brands.If you need a help when choosing a park light, call us, the consultants of the online store stolb.com.ua will be glad to help you. A competent scenario of street lighting is a “plus” to comfort without unnecessary hassle!