When everyone keeps up with the time, we try to be one step ahead. Our market needed high-quality, relatively inexpensive equipment for intelligent lighting, and we decided to meet this demand. We did not just provide a solution, but offered something new, progressive and really smart.

We present you a lamp that turns the street into a smart space - Smart Stolb Park CUT-3. Thus the customer can adjust a set of options, parameters of a product. This allows you to adapt each unit to the needs of your installation location. This increases the level of comfort of the space, allows you to use accurate solutions without unnecessary features and costs.

Basic equipment

Even with a minimal set of features, it is already a full-fledged smart unit of park and street space. This minimum includes:

  • Dimmed lighting control. This means that the brightness of the light is regulated by the program taking into account the time of day and the presence of people in the territory. This approach saves electricity, significantly extends the life of the lamp. Phillips intelligent module "thinks" for you. It can be set according to the schedule, to program change taking into account duration of light day;
  • Motion sensor. If a pedestrian appears in the work area of ​​Stolb Park CUT during the period of minimum illumination, for example from 00.00 to 05.30, the brightness will automatically rise smoothly to 100%. If you install a system of smart lights in the park or along the road, you can immediately raise the brightness on the intended trajectory of human movement. This allows you not to sacrifice security in favor of savings.

This is enough to create a minimally comfortable area. But what makes our luminaires really smart?

Extension options

Stolb Park CUT can be used not only as a lighting point. Thanks to the possibility of integrating additional modules, an ordinary smart luminaire is transformed into any of the objects:

  • Wireless internet access point. For this purpose both the leading communication channel, and 3G, 4G networks can be used;
  • Mobile device charging point. It is possible to provide the design not only with USB-connectors, but also with convenient device holders, so as not to put them on the ground while the charge is being charged;
  • Electric vehicle refueling point. The popularity of such "green" cars is growing, and today we are creating a friendly space for them;
  • Air quality analysis points. As the problem of ecology is especially relevant in recent years, it is important to monitor the level of pollution and take measures before the situation becomes critical;
  • Video surveillance point to increase the level of security, reduce the criminogenicity of the area;
  • Audio broadcast point. Loudspeakers allow you to play music, important messages, radio broadcasts - everything you want to convey to visitors to the park or passers-by on the street.

In this way, we have transformed an ordinary park lamp into a multifunctional, high-tech device.

But the main opportunity that opens Stolb Park CUT - is the purchase of equipment comparable in quality to the products of world-renowned companies. At the same time own production allows to reduce expenses and overpayments from the client without damage of quality.

We do not keep up with the times, we are working ahead.