A good specialist knows his job well. The best is always improving. Therefore, even in the worst of times, we find a way to increase our level, to grow, to offer customers advanced solutions.

So, on the New Year’s holidays, our company has mastered a new technology - now we offer projects implemented on BIM design technology. This is a fundamentally new level in design, which involves building information modeling (Building Information Modeling).

What does this mean for our customers?

  • Reduction of construction and operation costs up to 30%;
  • Project implementation is 50% faster;
  • The design itself also takes half as much time;
  • Coordination and coordination deadlines are reduced by 90%.

How is this possible? Using advanced design technologies and information, software tools for this.

BIM design is not a bunch of drawings and other documentation, not a three-dimensional visualization of appearance and interiors. Now it is an exact digital copy of an object in space and even time. It is created not only for transfer to builders and registration of the permission. Now you get an accurate, detailed and highly balanced digital model, which takes into account the materials, the nature of operation, its duration, the manufacturers of all parts, designed all communications. Moreover, you can get any information about the object from this model in the form you need.

This is the level that our customers should receive and the quality that the construction industry and the design niche need.

We are grateful to the authorized Autodesk training center for an interesting and very effective course "AUTODESK REVIT 2021 ESSENTIAL", as well as for cooperation and assistance in the transition to a new technology. When two professional teams meet, something valuable and powerful always comes out. Today it is a new level of design for each client of our company, an opportunity to accompany object from the concept and till the moment of completion of operation, wear, garbage removal.

Now we can say with confidence that we are with you at any time during project development and use of the object.