How often do you have to pay extra for features you don't need when buying a device? Our development team is also familiar with a similar situation. We decided to challenge the culture of hyper-consumption without sacrificing ourselves. We have developed a new version of the park support of street lighting - STOLB MODULAR. This is a new look at the usual things, an opportunity for our customers to decide for themselves what functions the support should perform and to give up unnecessary elements and the need to pay for them.

Description of the STOLB MODULAR concept

We decided to offer you the opportunity to assemble your own support from several modules:

  • BASIC POLE. The basis on which everything necessary at your choice will be established. The standard height is 2.5 meters, but we will make it for you in individual sizes. Here is another plus of our own production - our solutions can be scaled. Also, the base support can be supplemented with a charging unit for electric vehicles;
  • LIGHT. Lighting module. We use high-quality equipment from Vossloh-Schwabe and Philips to assemble this module. You can choose the power of the lamp in the range of 15-68 W, there is a module for dimming and programming changes in lighting brightness, the ability to integrate with the motion sensor - an important feature for intelligent lighting systems;
  • CAMERA. According to law enforcement statistics, areas with video surveillance are several times less likely to become places of hooliganism, vandalism, and attacks on citizens. Installation of the camera on a lighting support allows avoiding superfluous designs, to keep aesthetics of an urban landscape. Manufacturers of equipment for the module - Dahua and Hikvision;
  • LOUDSPEAKER. The speaker can maintain the atmosphere in the park you need, convey important messages, inform about available locations, entertainment, souvenir outlets, as well as advertise the proposals of your partners. Also, the speaker module can be integrated with the motion sensor to transmit important messages to those who approach a particular location, to provide information about the monument, etc.;
  • WI-FI. Free internet access, good speed and network bandwidth are important competitive advantages for the park, open-air cafes, recreation areas, parking lots, etc. Increase your attractiveness and keep up with the times. You can use both wired and wireless connections.

 Any of the modules is installed on the base console. Order, combination - all this is now determined only by you!

The value of the solution: where do you need such modular supports?

First of all, these are public places where the flow of pedestrians does not subside even in the evening:

  • City alleys. It is important not only to provide good lighting, but also the appropriate level of security. Therefore, the minimum required is a smart lamp and a video surveillance camera. But for greater functionality and increase the attractiveness of the territories can be installed on the supports of wireless Internet modules and speakers. With the help of audio notifications inform citizens about possible events, public initiatives, transmit important information;
  • Parking lots. For these locations it does not matter lighting, but also the ability to charge your car, so the base resistance should be selected with a connector for connecting a charger and immediately order a video surveillance module. It is better to take a powerful lamp, but think about the installation so that there are no areas of glare (with this we can also help). Parking lots near supermarkets will appreciate the possibility of connecting speakers to broadcast promotions;
  • Urban parks. These are special locations where there is an intersection of the desire to spend time outdoors, but without being away from remote work. For such areas, you can choose the minimum base resistance and connect the Wi-Fi module to it, as well as provide the ability to install connectors for charging mobile devices and light vehicles. Modules with speakers will maintain the atmosphere of the urban park and periodically broadcast information or advertising messages;
  • Open areas of cafes, restaurants, recreation centers. Combining lighting, speaker, internet access point, video surveillance in one support, you will not clutter the landscape and pay extra for additional installation.

The application points of the STOLB SMART MODULAR support are quite large due to the variability of functions. But its main value is the ability for each of our customers to decide for themselves what functionality to buy, how to combine it, what to pay for. This approach is a new vision of cooperation, when the main thing is to solve the problem of our customer in the gentlest way. And gentle not only for its budget, but also for the surrounding space.