This concept has two meanings. Most often, the term "street lamp" means a structure consisting of a support and a light source. But sometimes it is directly about the lamp and the ceiling, which adjusts the glow and performs a protective function. We talked in detail about the poles to which the street lamp is attached in another article. In this article we will discuss only the variety of lamps.

When did you start using street lights?

In principle, people began to illuminate the area as soon as they learned to make fire. This was followed by a great lineage from resin bowls on the streets of ancient Rome and Greece to resin torches on castle walls. Subsequently, the design was improved, the range of combustible compositions and elements expanded. But the real story begins only in the XV-XVII centuries, when the Renaissance came to Europe and the desire for comfort as far as the technology of those years could allow.

Since then, flickering lights began to appear on the streets of European capitals, gradually advancing to the province. Until the nineteenth century, it was difficult to imagine a decent city that would not shine at night with lots of lights. The following materials were used as fuel at different times:

  • Resin;
  • Oil;
  • Whale fat;
  • Gas;
  • Kerosene.

But that all changed with the advent of the incandescent lamp, invented by Thomas Edison, and the beginning of the use of alternating current. That's when we can talk about the beginning of modern history of this familiar element of urban landscapes.

What about the design of a street lamp?

It is now possible to meet designs which carry purely utilitarian loading and differ in an ascetic look. Previously, when they were made exclusively by hand, artificial products were made; the author used them as the most effective business card. Street lamps differed in interesting forms, sometimes even virtuosity of execution, especially forged.

Today we can conditionally distinguish the following areas in design:

  • Classic. These are the usual lanterns with wrought iron elements, decoration;
  • Modern design. These can be minimalist models or with elements of modernism. Also, modern styles include high-tech and eco-style designs. The key difference is the use of modern materials, including polymers;
  • Artistic solutions. Although this is rather a modern trend, it should still be made separately. This is the making of lanterns, which together with the pillar is a plot composition. For example: tree, human figures, flowers, etc.;
  • Practical. Here is a minimum of designer work, the products are simply aesthetic, without much artistic value. Such street lamps are attached to the pole for one purpose - to ensure regulatory visibility.

The last option is a typical solution for lighting roads, industrial facilities, and farmland. Such models are inexpensive; perfectly cope with their main practical task.

Modern lamps, new solutions

Developers of street lamps are actively implementing all available technological innovations. Therefore, today we get whole classes of new devices that make light even a very dark night, allow you to optimize energy consumption, increase efficiency, functionality of the space.

LED lights are a universal and economical solution

Despite the fact that luminous semiconductor elements have been known since the middle of the last century, they came out only in the 2000s. The fact is that it took a long time to create a street LED lantern. Everything rested on the power and shade of light. By the mid-1990s, all LEDs were either blue or dim. But by joint efforts this problem was solved rather quickly.

Today, LED elements are ideal for any street lighting for several reasons:

  • Cost savings. Thus, in one of the largest cities in Finland, local authorities have calculated that the transition to full LED lighting will save up to 10% of electricity per year. In terms of apartments - this is the need for 1600 apartments, including heating;
  • Durability. Due to the design features, the wear of the elements in such a lamp is minimal, so the lamps can work for years, subject to compliance with operating standards;
  • Possibility of modular repair. Of course, there are "disposable lights", but honest manufacturers make LED lamps for street lighting with the possibility of replacing elements and repairs. In this case, most procedures can be performed by a full-time employee of the company and only in some cases will have to call a specialist.

According to experts in the field of energy and lighting, LED street lights are still the best option for city streets, roads, parks, private areas, industrial facilities, public places.

Solar powered street lamps

Energy saving and autonomy are important tasks that experts in each industry are actively trying to solve. Since street lighting is an energy-intensive direction, the solution here needs to be simple but effective. And it already is - the use of solar their batteries as a stand-alone power source for the lantern.

For example, we produce park lighting kits ourselves, where the lamp is powered by a solar panel. Thanks to the large battery, the energy reserve is not only enough for the next night, but there is a small margin in case of cloudy days. Why can this solution be optimal?

  • Does not require laying a power cable. In some cases, connecting to the grid can be unreasonably expensive, sometimes not provided with the technical capacity;
  • Allows making lighting of the territory energy independent. This means that even in the absence of electricity in the area, your area will remain lit and safe;
  • Savings. Autonomous systems have a good payback. It takes relatively little time, much less than the life of a street lamp on a solar panel.


And do not forget that this is a step towards cleaning up the environment, to reduce the carbon footprint of man on the planet, which is relevant in recent years.

Lanterns with the "sixth" sense

This is another new technology that we have already introduced into our own production. Buying a street lamp with a motion sensor is the best solution for city and park lighting.

  • Allows you to adjust the brightness of the lamp, reduce power consumption and LED wear depending on lighting needs. Yes, from midnight to 5 am pedestrians in parks and on the streets are almost absent, so 100% brightness is impractical. If a pedestrian or cyclist appears, the motion sensor gives a signal to the lamp control module, and the brightness increases;
  • Increases the security of the territory without unnecessary costs for electricity. Numerous surveys around the world, as well as statistics have shown that the criminogenic situation is much better in lighted areas, there are fewer accidents;
  • Traffic safety is maintained while saving energy. Pedestrians and cyclists move at maximum brightness, which is achieved smoothly enough not to provoke temporary glare.

Combined in a network, such street lamps allow providing traffic participants with sufficient illumination not only less than one lamp. Those that are further along the course, automatically raise their brightness, so the person moves all the time on the most illuminated route. It is necessary for him to leave the range of the motion sensor, as the brightness gradually decreases and again the lamp goes into economy mode.

Where better to buy lighting equipment?

Despite the large number of small offers with attractive prices, it is best to choose large companies with a good reputation and experience.

Here you can buy a street lamp both own production with the corresponding guarantees, and production of world brands. Our many years of experience in the design and installation of various lighting systems allow us to understand all the intricacies of lighting equipment.

We are ready to carry out for you any turnkey lighting project, to complete all necessary equipment according to your project, and to deliver it to the specified point. We will help you choose a street lamp with the right optics architecture, the right scattering factor, temperature and brightness. For us, the play of light and shadow is not an artistic expression, it is the result of thorough work of a team of specialists. With us, any object will really shine by all the rules!